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“Ve . . . W-where’s Bella?”

 Feliciano Vargas walked around the school looking for (Name). It was after school and she suddenly disappeared into thin air. He was a little worried about that, since it’s been happening a little more often recently. But Feliciano was more worried that she wasn’t telling him about it. 

He looked around, seeing the people in the halls, but not (Name). He looked in the library and finally found her sitting at a table, scribbling into that notebook. “Ciao, Bella~!”

“Eh . . .?” (Name) looked up, and closed the notebook in a flash. “Hi, Feliciano, how are you?"

“I’m relived, actually! I thought I lost you, (Name)~ I couldn’t find you anywhere and I got really worried!”

“W-well . . . I was just about to head towards the main gate so I could meet you.”

“Bella, you’ve been staying a lot after school, right?”

“Y-yeah . . . truth is . . . m-my little cousins, aunt, and uncle from out of town are visiting and staying at my house. And since I couldn’t find much privacy there, I stay a little after school.”

“Oh~ that makes sense!”

“Speaking of which . . .” (Name) began looking around the library. “What time is it?”

Feliciano looked down at the cell phone in his hand. “It’s twenty minutes after the bell.”

“Ah!” (Name) quickly jumped up from her seat, collecting her things. “S-sorry to leave so quickly, but I need to run, Feli!”

“W-what!? S-see you la-” Before he could say the rest, she was gone. “-ter . . .” Feliciano sighed. “I feel like I can’t see her any more . . . Huh?” On the table, as he stood to leave, he saw that notebook of hers. Carefully, he picked up the book and stared at it for a while. “I’ll give it back to Bella tomorrow . . . if I can see her. . .”


Feliciano sat in boredom on the couch, watching TV. He and Lovino already ate dinner, so it was a little too late to make pasta . . . He began flipping through the pages of (Name)’s journal, which he had at his side. What he saw inside were sketches, little entries of thoughts and short stories. He was surprised of how much she wrote and drew in her free time. But there was one that specifically caught his eye, which was the most recent entry.

No matter how many times I’ve tried to deny the truth, it’s a mere fact that I’m in love with him. I love that bubbly, cheerful, and energetic personality that seems to spread to anyone he comes in contact with. I love how he may seem weak and irresponsible and how he has points that can make up for that. He’s an absolutely charming guy. He’s very skilled with using his two hands. He can paint, cook, design, and sing. He can be the human definition of perfect.

Compared to him, I don’t think I deserve to be near him. Yet he still talks to me, hurting me with his kindness. Don’t get me wrong, I feel glad that I’m treated nicely . . . but I really just want to be more than a friend to him. But in reality, I’m really just not fit to be with him, am I? There are so many girls around him, and they’re simply better than me.

I’m curious about what he sees in me. He’s been talking to me every day since we met. Why is an amazing person like Feliciano talking so someone who is so plain, like me? What does he think about me?

That was as far as (Name) wrote, and he believed that’s where he interrupted her.  A blush painted his cheeks as he tried to read through it again to make sure he wasn’t mistaken. He wasn’t mistaken. He began to read what else she wrote in the journal as the blush rose to his ears.

“Oi, Feliciano.” Lovino plopped himself on the couch and changed the channel. Feliciano didn’t reply, and Lovino looked at him curiously. “What’s with you? Did someone pull your curl? You’re blushing.”

Feliciano came back to reality and looked at Lovino with the blush still there. “N-no . . . I’m fine, fratello. I’ll be in my room, okay?” Lovino didn’t need to reply. Feliciano ran with the notebook in his hands and locked the door behind him.

He flopped down on his bed, his face planted into his pillow. “Did I really hurt her?’ he muttered into it. He thought for a second, and lifted his head. A good idea came into his head as he smiled happily.


“Ve~ (Name), (Name)!” She looked up to see the one and only Feliciano Vargas running towards her. She was sitting in the grass, under the shade of a tree, after school. He sat beside her. “Bella, you forgot your notebook at the library yesterday. I wanted to return it to you.” Feliciano held it out to her.

With a blush on her face, (Name) gratefully took it. “T-thanks, Feli. I was wondering why I couldn’t find it yesterday.” She shyly looked at him. He didn’t seem out of the ordinary. Maybe he didn’t read it after all.

“Ve . . . Bella, are you okay?” He put a hand on her cheek and turned her to face him again. Feliciano could feel the heat on her face in his palm. “(Name)?”

“I-I’m fine, I’m fine, Feli!”

He laughed as he took his hand away, and sat there with that usual grin. (Name) opened the notebook to the last page she was on, and noticed an entry that she didn’t recognize.

(Name), you’re always so observant. But haven’t you noticed that I feel happier when you’re with me? Haven’t you noticed that you always make my day better? 

 I don't know why you would have such low self-esteem. You have a lot of things to be proud of! You can write such amazing things and you're absolutely beautiful. Why do you think I call you Bella?You should have a lot more confidence in yourself. Don't look down on yourself, (Name), because you'll always be perfect in my eyes.

I love you're timid and shy personality, and yet you can be as happy as can be when you want to. Your hair shines perfectly in the sunlight and frames your face perfectly, bringing out the best beauty in you. I know I may not be the best with words, but I'm trying for you! 

Remember when we were kids, and I always told you "Ti amo"? You would always tell me that you didn't know what I was saying. I want to say it again, (Name).  

(Name) looked at him with the same rosy color on her cheeks. And before she could ask about what she just read, Feliciano cupped her face gently and dove in for a kiss. The Italian had a blush of deep red along with (Name). He pulled back, and looked at her lovingly with his amber eyes.

"Ti amo . . . (Name) . . .," he mumbled shyly, in comparison to his happy personality.

"I-I love you, too, Feli . . .," she replied as she shut her book carefully.

And with that, Feliciano came back for another kiss. 
Inspiration that randomly came . . .

Should I do this with other characters . . .? Well, I thought the journal entries would just end out looking the same, though . . .

Romano: [link]
England: [link]
America: [link]
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