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Being the good student she was, (Name) was doing her homework with her textbook and spiral notebook out on her desk. She didn't realize that there was a knock on the door until her mother called.

"Sweetie, Feli's here," she said. (Name) got up from her chair and opened her room's door. She saw Feliciano Vargas behind her mother, who waved at her. She wasn't expecting him to be here, but she decided not to say anything. "Dad and I are going out for a while. Take care of the house, okay?"

(Name) nodded. "Alright, bye, Mom." That meant it was only her and Feliciano in the house when they left.

When the two heard the undeniable click of the closing front door, Feli decided to speak. "Ciao, (Name)!"

"Hey, there, Feli. Not to be rude … but what are you doing here…?" she asked, letting him enter the room and sit on the edge of the bed.

"I-I'm sorry, it was a last minute decision, but…" He figeted with his fingers a little. "T-this is a little personal…"

"Oh…" (Name) immediately closed the door and her textbook to let him know that he had her undivided attention. She sat beside him on the bed. "Y-you wanna talk about it? Maybe you'll feel better."

He nodded his head. "Well, there's this girl I like… and I really wanna confess with a … k-kiss, maybe."

Oh, well that just broke your spirits. "Um… h-how am I supposed to help…?"

"I'll understand if you say no. This is a stupid thing to ask… b-but… C-can I practice a kiss with you?!" he blurted with a shy, red face.

It took a second for the information to sink into (Name)'s head before she was blushing just as much as he was. "W-w-we-well, I have one slight p-problem, F-Feli…"

Feliciano looked at his friend curiously. "W-what is it?"

(Name) rubbed her wrist nervously. "U-um… I … uh …"


"I never … Ineverhadmyfirstkissyet!" Realizing what she just blurted out, (Name) covered her mouth embarassingly and curled into a ball shyly.

"Well, that's okay!" he assured.

"No it isn't! Nearly everyone in school already had their first kiss! Especially you, Feli! You kissed, like, five girls as of now, right? Oh, great, now all this talk of kissing is embarassing!"

He couldn't lie; it was true, after all. He knew how important a first kiss was to people. Just then, a lightbulb lit up in his head. Feliciano smiled. "(Name), can you look at me for a second?"

Hesitantly, she looked up at her friend, who pecked her lips quickly before drawing back. She blushed even more before looking away. "W-what just h-happened, Feli?!"

"You just had your first kiss, Bella!"

(Name) blushed in a bit of shock. "I-I guess I can help you then… what are you gonna do exactly?"

"I'm just gonna…" He trailed off as he leaned in again, but slower this time. (Name), who was too nervous to do anything, sat still and let the Italian do what he wanted.

He closed his eyes and gently pressed his lips against hers. She didn't show any sign of resisting his kiss and Feliciano was surprised when she soon returned it.

(Name) felt like nothing mattered anymore. It didn't matter that this was just practice for another girl. It didn't matter that she didn't have too much experience in kissing. None of that mattered.

Everything just felt … right.

His lips were so soft, it made her think that this was all unreal. That this was a dream that she never wanted to wake up from. (Name) felt Feliciano held her hand tightly, as if he never wanted to let go. And neither did she.

Sadly, he drew back, but smiled his dashing smile. (Name) couldn't help but smile back.

"Grazie, Bella," he whispered happily, gently squeezing her hand once again.

For the past week, (Name) helped Feliciano for his perfect kiss. She was taking a leisurely stroll around town and she was completely caught off guard when her phone rang. She jumped a little, but she looked at the screen to see who was calling.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Ciao, Bella! It's Feli! Where are you right now? It's urgent!"

"Um… I'm really close to that cafe you really like. Why? What happened? Do you want me to come to you?"

"No, I'm already on my way, Bella! Don't move, okay?"

"Um… okay…?"

(Name) hung up and waited for her friend to come. As she did, she sat leaned on the railing of the fence that separated her from the tables that the cafe owned.

About five minutes later, she saw Feliciano running as fast as he could. She was surprised that he was running faster than Ludwig.  

"Ciao, Bella!" he greeted. He didn't sound tired or anything. In fact, he seemed more than happy to see the girl.

"Hey, Feli. So, what's up? What was so urgent?" she asked curiously.

"I've decided that I'm gonna tell her today!" he chirped.

She smiled. "That's great! You definetly have my support. So… do you know where she is?"

He nodded. "Right in front of me!"


She turned around in hopes of seeing the lucky girl, but she didn't see anyone that was looking at them. (Name) was about to ask where she was, but Feliciano spun her around to look at her in the eye.

"Ti amo, mia bella (Name)… I love you…," he said in a calm voice.

She was about to question his statement, but was stopped with the kiss that they've been practicing for the last week. Like always, she melted into it.

Her hand was squeezed by his, and she was more than happy to squeeze it back. Feliciano moved back, and saw that she was smiling with her embarrassed blush.

"Same here, Feli… I love you…"

He returned the smile and brought her in for a hug, wrapping his arms around her waist. The people eating outside of the cafe were gushing about the cute scene. (Name) saw Elizabeta starting an applause for them.

But none of that mattered. All that mattered was the one she was embracing and her love for Feliciano Vargas.
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Aww! So cute and romantic! If only real men were like this.... -_-
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My friend kissed a boy in kindergarten but then got in trouble
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Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!! This made me think of my first kiss :)
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Sadly my first kiss was with a cheating playboy.... So I found him.. And gave him a good SLAP ACROSS THE FACE!
MiraChan145 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
You get him, broski!!!! My 2nd bf was like that. I b*tch slapped him in the school hallway once and didn't get in trouble bc all the teachers hated him :D and now he's put on lots of weight, is losing his hair (it's bad, and he's only 21!) and has like no money and no college. Ahh, revenge is sweet, and even sweeter when it's effortless!! :D thank you, karma. Everyone gets their just deserts in the end. 
TheKawaiiCatGirls Featured By Owner Edited Jul 25, 2014   Artist
happyhetaliastuck lol france..
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*Aaaaaww...*, In the beginning I was like:

"Being the good student she was, (Name) was doing her homework with her textbook and spiral notebook out on her desk.",
"Yeeaaaah... Like every good student does his homework 30 seconds before class, while going into the classroom, yeeaaahh..."

But this is so cute! And fluffy! And Aaaaaww! I mean, if 'Aaaawww' would be a verb, it would be Aaaaaww, so Aaaaaww :D 

(And much more cute than my first kiss:
"I don't want to kiss you",
"You promised, Lucie",
"Damn it.")
maricurie90 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Student Writer
I'm kinda curious how that happened....
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