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December 28, 2012
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"Oh, my, I'm terribly sorry, (Name)," Arthur apologized.

"Pfft~! You were trying to make me into a little kid?" Francis pondered, trying to keep himself from laughing. "Oh, Artie, I didn't think you were "


"Arthur-san, maybe we shouldn't speak such vulgar language in front of (Name)-san," Kiku suggested, trying to calm down the British man. Arthur looked over to (Name) who had her ears covered by Feliciano and looked around curiously at the two men that she couldn't hear.

He sighed as Feliciano took his hands off her ears. "I guess I was lucky. I was looking at the wrong spell. The original idea was to turn this . . . freak of nature over here into an actual frog. (Name) didn't have to suffer that, so that's good to hear." Arthur picked the little girl (who looked much younger than his younger brother) up into his arms. "This was my fault, so I guess I'll take care of (Name) until this spell wears off."

"And make her suffer that horrid thing you call food? I think she would be better off with me!" Francis laughed. Arthur snarled at the man in response.

"Ve~ maybe I should take care of her!" Feliciano chirped.

"No, no, as I said it was my fault, so it should be my responsibility." Arthur looked at (Name), whose face donned a smile, making him smile right back. "So, if you don't mind, I'll excuse myself and go home."

Ludwig nodded as everyone else finally decided to tune into the discussion.

"Alright, that should do the trick." Arthur help up the small, (Any Color) t-shirt that Peter used to wear that he tailored to fit (Name). It would look more like a dress on her, but as long as she wasn't tripping over the cloth, it was fine. There was also a pair of shorts that you couldn't see that he also tailored. He got up from his seat, and walked into the living room, where she was watching a little TV. "Could you get up for a minute, (Name)?"

She nodded in response as she hopped off the couch and on the floor. Arthur chuckled as he replaced the large clothes she was wearing with the new tailored shirt.  He put the large t-shirt into a bag that had her other large articles of clothing (it was
embarrassing for him) for when she returned to normal.

"How does it feel, love? Do I need to change anything?" he asked, kneeling down to her eye level.

"No, everything is fine! Thank you, Mister Arthur!" she said, still smiling.

"You don't have to use 'Mister', (Name)." It seems the spell also affects the way she thinks . . .      

"So I can call you Arthur?"

"That's more than fine." The British man gladly returned her smile. "Is there anything you want to do?"

(Name) stared at him for a second before asking if they could draw. Arthur brought out some paper and colored pencils and markers.

"Hello, Iggy!" he heard someone shout out as the door swung open while the two were drawing (mainly Arthur helping her draw). Peter Kirkland came out, as cheerful as he always is every day. The little boy saw (Name) and his grin grew wider. "Arthur, who is she? She looks like she's 4 years old. Where did she come from?"

"Peter, you know (Name), yes?" he asked, getting up on his knees while (Name) looked at the boy with curiosity.

"Of course I do! She's really nice."

"Well, I accidentally cast a spell on her, and she shrunk into this age. Until the spell wears off, I made it my responsibility to care for her."

"Can I play with her too?"

"Sure, you can. I was planning on going out for a minute to buy some food for her. Can you play with her until I come back?" Arthur asked as he stood up.

"You can count on me!" Peter saluted to him as Arthur made his way to the door.

"I'll be back as soon as I can, love, okay? Peter will take good care of you until then. See you later."

"Bye, Arthur! See you later!" (Name) jumped up and started waving to the British man. He gave a smile before leaving out the door. "What do you wanna do, Peter?"

"Let's play Hide and Seek!" he chirped as they began to choose who would go hide and who would go seek.

"(Name), Peter? I'm back," Arthur called with bags of store bought sandwiches and other groceries in his hands. "Hello?"

He heard the TV playing in the living room and he walked there. On the couch, he found both the children napping with their heads lying on either of the arm rests. Peter was sprawled out with a leg hanging off the edge and (Name) curled up into ball on the other side. Arthur chuckled as he put down the bags at the kitchen table and brought out two blankets from the storage closet, covering the two.

He turned off the TV and headed back into the kitchen to put away the groceries. After Arthur placed the sandwiches into the refrigerator, the door made a light slam. He was finally done with that as he sighed peacefully.


"GAH!" Arthur cried. He turned around to see none other than Peter Kirkland holding the phone in one hand and a spatula he grabbed from the counter in the other. "Peter, what are you doing?"

"Oh, it's just you, Arthur. For a second I thought you were a stranger who broke into the house." He wiped sweat from his forehead and placed the spatula and phone back where they were. "No worries, (Name), it's just Arthur!"

(Name) came through the door as she happily ran to Arthur and gave him a big hug. "Welcome home, Arthur! Peter and I had a lot of fun while you were gone~! We played Hide and Seek, tried to make a house of cards, and we watched TV!"

He laughed, "It seems like I missed out on a lot while I was gone. Well, after all that, you two are probably starving, right?"

"Yes, what are we having for dinner?" Peter asked.

"W-well, I didn't think I should cook for you, so I just brought some sandwiches from the store. Shall we eat, then?"

Peter and (Name) nodded eagerly and helped set the table. Arthur placed the sandwiches on three plates just so it looks presentable. They finally sat at the table, eating, talking, and laughing. It was like they were a whole family.

That Night . . .
"Well, you look tired, love," Arthur said, looking at the little girl who curled up on the couch again. Peter already went to bed (with a little reluctance). "C'mon, it's time for you to go to bed." He picked her up, and traveled into his room (the guest room was dusty, so he would just sleep on the couch). With care, he laid the little girl onto the bed and covered her with the blankets. "Good night, (Name). Sweet dreams."

". . . Arthur?" she asked with a quiet voice.

"Yes, love?"

"Can you count sheep for me*?" (Name) asked with a little hesitation.
He smiled warmly and gently replied, "Sure, I can." To make himself comfortable, he actually lay next to her and counted a couple of sheep. By the time she fell asleep, Arthur did as well, but not before kissing her forehead subconsciously.

"W-Wha . . .?" (Name) muttered to herself ask she got up from her sleeping position. The clock said it was around two in the morning. She looked beside her to find Arthur sleeping with the peaceful look on his face that she rarely saw. She looked down only to realize that she returned to normal, but had no clothing but the tailored clothes, which was too snug for her taste.

(Name) got up and grabbed the drawstring bag in the corner and put on her regular clothes. "Well, that's better." She yawned as sleep began to overpower her again and she walked back towards her place in the bed drowsily. (Name) took one look at Arthur before dozing off. "Good night, Artie."

Arthur forced himself to get up, tiredly rubbing his eyes. "I must've fallen asleep. But at least (Name) was -- Since when did she return to normal!?" He found himself right next to a normal aged (Name) sleeping calmly beside him. Arthur sighed, "At least she's changed into her clothing."

"Oh, good morning, Arthur," she said, getting up from her resting positioned. She didn't seem fazed by the fact she was right beside him in the bed.  

"Good morning, (Name). I'm glad to see you're back to normal." He gave a little grin.
"Yeah, thanks for taking care of me yesterday. I'm really grateful that you could put up with me. I wasn't annoying as a kid, was I?"

"Oh, not at all; In fact, you were quite enjoyable to be around. But even so, you're personality never even changed from when you were a kid to now. And I have to admit, you were a very cute as a little girl."

She laughed. "Yeah, what happened to me now?"
"Well, that answer is simple, love. You became a beautiful young lady."

(Name) smiled as she took his hand to go downstairs.

"Perhaps I should change you into a child more often," he joked on the way down to the kitchen.

"Don't even think about it, Artie," she giggled.
Yeah . . .

*Guess who's been listening to Resting with England?

So who do you think I should do next?

Prologue: [link]
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Awesome story!!!~
I'm going to bed; I'm tired for once...
Good night!!!~
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